Exstrophy Complex

One of the most devastating congenital group of malformations involving the lower uro-genital apparatus is known under the term of exstrophy complex. It presents itself in a variety of forms which may involve only the genitalia (isolated epispadias), the genitalia and the bladder (bladder exstrophy and epispadias) or in the most severe form with the bowel involvement as well (cloacal exstrophy).

The Family facing this rare and extremely complex malformation will have to endure a long journey, lasting for many years, continuously interacting with the Specialists who will take care of their child.

There are three main goals that need to be reached : protect and preserve the renal function, achieve a socially acceptable urinary continence and guarantee a reasonable and adequate future sexual life.

All the extremely complex reconstructive surgery should be addressed only into highly dedicated referral Centers.